The Eleanor Mustang

The legacy of the ultimate Eleanor Mustang.

The Most Accurate Eleanor Ever Built


It's beautiful. It's caught the eye of car enthusiasts all across he globe. And it's fame has settled in to the hearts of those who decided to do something with it.

If there's ever been any Eleanor ever built as accurate as this one, it might as well be one of the actual cars used in the movie! If there's ever been such a replica to capture the true definition of Eleanor, word for word right out of the movie, it would be this:

 And this:

 And this:

 This, in my humble opinion, is the most accurate Eleanor Mustang ever built.

Built by "Dave", presumably out of New York from the license plates, has achieved and now lives the ultimate dream we all share: to experience our very own Eleanor Mustang, even if such a dream started at age 10 for Dave -- it's all paid off. Having built presumably the most accurate ever, this Eleanor has a new place in all of our hearts -- the ultimate role model, the example that such a feat can be achieved, and that somewhere, how ever far off it may be, the light at the end of the tunnel always delivers.

A car of this stature deserves such poetry, but also the spotlight -- please welcome this Eleanor coming soon in the Gallery -- as you can see, the photos are of stunning quality and make for excellent wallpapers -- there's even a photo fit for your mobile device!


*EDIT: If you can't wait to get a glimpse, visit this link now to check out all the photos available to offer! 

A Fatal Flaw - the Making of the GT500E


I thought I should post about this since many don't quite understand about this historic moment in the history of the Eleanor mustang. It was the first major setback in it's history - wrong. It was the day when Denice Haliki, executive producer of Gone in 60 Seconds, took it upon herself to take action against an operation that almost screamed copyright infringement: Unique Performance. Doug Hasty, the owner and CEO of the largely recognized Unique Performance had a dream like many others (including Jason Engel, but later on). His dream was to manufacture the "Eleanor" Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds. To do this, he thought he would have to go to the man behind the Shelby mustang: Carroll Shelby.

This was the major slip-up: Mr. Shelby did not have the copyright to the "Eleanor" mustang, Denice Haliki did. Even though it was a Shelby mustang, copyrights had to be made since Eleanor was already on the way to it's movie star car fame, with Gone in 60 right behind it. Nevertheless, apparently Mr. Shelby didn't realize this, so he decided to take the operation underway. Now the so-called "slip-up" became major copyright infringement. A year or two later Denice immediately realized what had been going on and went to court with Mr. Shelby, Unique Performance, and everyone else that was involved. This was her car, The Eleanor Mustang, not some Shelby G.T.500E knock-off! It took yet another few years, but Ms. Haliki rightfully won and sued, leading to the downfall of Doug Hasty and Unique Performance and other investors' money. Many folks never received their "Shelby G.T.500E" or their money back. This also lead to a United States Secret Service investigation that to the best of my knowledge has been ongoing ever since.

Traffic Milestone

Today, The Eleanor Mustang has approximately 100 visits! I have to give visitors props, since this site isn't even in the GoogleBot (after many attempts trying to submit it). The site is hard to find, and it's a good feeling after a long time to have that number.

With that being said, it's time to mix it up a little bit. I've noticed there's been next to no news about the Eleanor Mustang lately. I have to apologize for that - I created the site in celebration of Classic Recreations and their Eleanor builds, and therefore becoming reliant on the media feedback it gets. But unfortunately, a lot has changed since then, so news isn't exactly a click away anymore.

My feeling is that this site needs news to keep it alive and I've decided that's exactly what I'll have to continue doing - finding news. And luckily, I know just where to go.

Many are under the impression that Classic Recreations are the ones that took away what was left of the legacy of the Eleanor Mustang. And that is partially true. But sometimes, like Classic Recreations did, you just have to move on. You have to do what feels right. So I've decided to take from that, along with my ideas, to produce a resolution to the problem at hand.

I've decided to endorse a revolution in Shelby Mustangs: the GT500CR. Classic Recreations partnered with Shelby, and ever since November of 2009, a new legacy has begun. This is the fire that will continue to burn for a long time, and I think that this is the fire that that this site needs as well. So from this point forward, I will create a another page dedicated to the GT500CR, as well as keep this page for the Eleanor and it's legacy. 

(NOTE: This does not mean is partnering with Shelby or Classic Recreations in any way. I am only endorsing and supporting their cause.) 


Classic Recreations back on the Board!


It looks like after all the red tape and frustration, Classic Recreations was cleared by the OSBI on August 9th; a full month at a standstill. It's a long story of how this happened and what owner Jason Engel went through...

After weeks of accusations and red tape, Owner Jason Engel warns shops and enthusiasts: “Pay attention to what happened here, because it effects all of us.”

Yukon, Okla. (Aug 9, 2010) – Custom coachbuilder Classic Recreations has had its vehicles returned and is back at work building 1967 Shelby G.T.500CR continuation cars after several weeks of confusion, red tape and accusations from local officials. The Oklahoma based shop, recognized by collectors and the automotive press for crafting some of the finest muscle cars in the world, was temporarily sidelined last month when false accusations from a disgruntled ex-employee led the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations to raid the shop looking for stolen equipment – of which absolutely none was found.

In the process of the investigation, state officials determined shop owner Jason Engel did not follow state guidelines during the restoration process by replacing damaged or rusted factory sheet metal on his Mustang builds with aftermarket components. A series of legal arguments over the definition of restoration protocol ensued, with the government stating that shop owners in Oklahoma cannot replace the factory sheet metal with aftermarket parts during the restoration process without re-titling the car.

“I have always been totally focused on quality and customer satisfaction, and we spare no expense when building a client their perfect dream car. Now the government wants to tell me how to run my business and which panels I can or cannot replace,” says Engel. “Laws were created to protect people from car thieves, now the government is reinterpreting those laws to go after restoration shops, and it makes keeping classic cars on the road very difficult. If I can’t replace a rusty door because the VIN can’t be touched, that means rather than starting with a rough but restorable classic and transforming it into a beautiful supercar, I have to start with an essentially perfect car – which raises prices and upsets collectors.”

As the CR crew gets back to work building Shelby Mustangs, the returned cars will be inspected, detailed and delivered to clients. Engel is extremely grateful for his clients’ patience and understanding during this ordeal. Moving forward, new steps will be taken to ensure current interpretations of the law are met and this does not happen again.

“I want our story to serve as a warning to every shop owner and hobbyist out there: we need to take action to preserve our hobby and limit government intervention in the classic car world by defining what we can and can’t do,” Engel says. “What happened to me could happen to anyone. I run an honest business, employing over 20 people. We build beautiful cars for collectors. We are working with state legislators to pass a bill that clearly defines what a restoration shop is allowed to do so we’re all on the same page, and we need your support. I am eager to speak with automotive journalists and fellow enthusiasts about my experience.”  

Eleanor Mustang featured on "World's Most Expensive Rides"!

On March 28th, 2010 at 9:00pm, the Officially Licensed Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor Mustang was featured on the show "World's Most Expensive Rides" on HD Theatre! They explained Eleanor really well while she was with Classic Recreations...they gave the impression that CR was still building the cars, but otherwise it was really good. They even showed Jason Engel use the operational Nitrous Oxide System in his Red/White Eleanor on the open road! It is on HD Theatre(channel 631 FIOS), Worlds Most Expensive Rides Episode 12. 

Thanks to Cameron at, I have the video from It is in the Videos section.


eBay Find: Classic Recreations 750hp Eleanor Mustang for Sale!

Looking through eBay I came across the first ever Classic Recreations Eleanor Mustang for sale not by Classic Recreations! This is an extremely rare find, since it is the first one on the open market not for sale by CR! This Eleanor is a 750hp model, matte black in color, and the seller modified the mirrors and tinted the taillights. Even though it was fooled with a bit, it's still the first of it's phenomena, and it is officially licensed, so this Eleanor is a GO. What are you guys waiting for?! Purchase this car and it will change your life! Click here to visit it's eBay auction Page--this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!! Click here to view all of the photos, providedby eCarlist.

Here is a video uploaded by the seller of the car:


NOTE: To listen to this video, you might want to pause the homepage music. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the pause button on the small QuickTime recipient.

Music Added!

I recently purchased the Gone in 60 Seconds soundtrack, and added "Keys to Eleanor" to this page. The music is by Trevor Rabin. Hope you guys like it! NOTE: To view videos on the homepage, this music can obviously result in an utter chaos of noise. To listen one at a time, scroll down to the bottom of this page and hit the pause and play buttons accordingly.


I have taken the CR prototype picture(s) below and circled all of the noticeable changes there are between specifically Classic Recreations' Eleanor and the GT500CR. Most of what you are about to see are Eleanor's but slightly modified... 

The changes include the headlight arrangement, mirrors elongated(strecthed), different hood style, the lower exhaust rocker shortened, slightly different gas cap, Shelby GT500CR emblem on sides and in between tail lights, and a slight modification in the tail end of the side panels, and not to mention the GT500CR label on the lower rocker on each side of the car. I have to say, CR made a great car. 

The GT500CR debuts!

The long wait is over for Shelby fans across the globe, as the first pictures of the GT500CR shows it's is the "prototype":

Doesn't it have something we've see before? Exactly. Everything. It's genius marketing by Classic Recreations, actually. Carroll Shelby met them, and decided to take Eleanor, fool around a bit with the body, interior and what not, and call it the "G.T.500CR", CR for Classic Recreations. Let's all give a hand to Classic Recreations and their new GT500CR cars.

Anyways, I will have more photos up soon. According to Classic Recreations, they are "proud to debut [their] first Shelby GT500CR prototype" and "more photos will be displayed in the next few hours." 


I have thought of an interesting idea. Look at this picture:

Classic Recreations' new G.T.500CR build. Okay, now look at this picture: 

 Yes. Eleanor. Can you tell me what you see in common? 

Reader's Rides + Members!

This is a website all about the ultimate Eleanor Mustang and her history. It continues through history, yes, but has to start somewhere: with you. I have added a page for people who have their own Eleanor Mustang build and want to share some insights. As you will also notice, I have added a members' page. I am actually against this, since whenever I go on a site I am sometimes required to become a member just to read the contents. So, becoming a member on my site is not required. If you want to not only talk in the Reader's Rides section, but also add Videos and Photos, you will have to become a member.

Get Real

This is for a few visitors to who continue to make absurd remarks about Classic Recreations and how they build a horrible quality car, similar to Unique Performance. Okay, the people running Unique Performance were crooks, which is why they deserve to be locked up. They built a horrible quality car. Now, Mr. Engel and I have talked briefly, and his business is "tough enough as it is". I can completely agree, which is why this nonsense about them building a bad quality car and people regretting their purchases has to stop. Their company is quite the opposite, and for some reason few refuse to understand. You are making a highly experienced company, in quality and performance look bad by spreading absurd rumors. Classic Recreations needs the positive commentary they should be addressed by, especially in a new time for them. Or simply don't say anything at all. Mr. Engel, the rest of Classic Recreations LLC and Shelby Licensing Inc. would appreciate your cooperation. 

Eleanor Specifics

Both Unique Performance and Classic Recreations have attempted to build Eleanor. In my opinion as a Eleanor fan, they have both failed on Eleanor specifics. If their's a new company in town for this job, we have to discuss a few specifics that the past two have missed. Let's start with Unique Performance. Through my eyes, Eleanor looked horrible made by this company. Here are some of the specifics that they got entirely wrong:

  •  The hood. Notice in the movie right off the bat the scoop is low, just like Classic Recreations' build. Unique Performance had their scoop high and pointy.
  • The stripes. Essential to the GT500 logo. But they mess up again. Instead of having two thick stripes parallel, Unique Performance had one thick stripe, and two thin stripes on either side that ran parallel.
  • The mirror. Another Essential to just Eleanor. Unique Performance elongated the cone shape to make it slightly longer and changed the paint from brushed to chrome.
  •  The engine. Now I know everyone had alternatives for this, since the Eleanor movie cars all got a Ford Racing Engine. However, in the pictures of the real Eleanor from the movie, the engine had one specific: an oval header on top that said Ford, or possibly Shelby. Unique Performance had a totally different looking engine, although it was a type of Ford Racing Engine.
  • The dashboard. This is the one thing both Unique Performance and Classic Recreations messed up. Unique Performance started the trend with the white odometers. No. In the movie, they are tight, black and white odometers like the ones in mustangs today, but a bit more retro. And, let's not forget the big racing tachometer slapped in front of the old one from the movie. Unique Performance did not have this tachometer, and neither did Classic Recreations. They had their own custom Gone in 60 Seconds odometers.

That should be it. There is also the shifters/shifter heads and how Unique Performance's is low and at a 90 degree angle. Now, Classic Recreations. Perfect and beautiful. The knack about their Eleanors is the odometer being titled Gone in Sixty Seconds. But, it might as well be required and it doesn't hurt to make the Eleanor a little more modern, like the racing seats as well.

In my opinion the reason Eleanor looked so much different built by Unique Performance is because it was a real Shelby Car, not a movie car. It looked a bit more Shelby enhanced, if you will. All and all, Eleanor should stay as Eleanor as possible, even if it has to under go a few minor changes to make it a reliable, everyday car. Just don't get too carried away.


Keep the Dream Alive, People!

It's time to stop saying that Eleanor's legacy is finished, people. Just because Eleanor has had some minor setbacks doesn't mean she's completely finished. There are some of you out there who make one to even have a shop and build a few Eleanors. My point is if you have the ability to take action for what you know is right you have the responsibility to take action. If you're in a situation where you can or have a shop similar to Classic Recreations and Unique Performance and think you can help Eleanor by building her for sale just like Classic Recreations did, call Gone in Sixty Seconds! We don't have to sit and sulk on the latest setback. We need someone like Jason Engel who has a shop, a die hard Eleanor fan!


Searching under Eleanor Mustang, while looking for news and more pictures to improve the site, I came across a link of Dubai Classic Recreations that appears as if it's still active...

As you can see, this is what the original website looked like when they were selling Eleanor. You can check it out for yourself at:

I have contacted Classic Recreations, and it is unfortunately just a site link that will be taken down. So, this is your chance to take a final look at the "Eleanor Mustang built by Classic Recreations LLC" page! You can check out more links via Google by searching "eleanormustang dubai". 


UPDATE: 2/15/10

Link is no longer active...if you would still like to see the photo I have put it in a 2nd photo alum titled "Other" that will be for miscellaneous photos.

Oh No Eleanor!

Unfortunately, the legacy of Eleanor has been discontinued once again. Former Eleanor manufacturer Classic Recreations has signed a contract with Carroll Shelby to produce a new car called the "GT500CR"(I'm guessing the "CR" part stands for Classic Recreations), and leaving Eleanor behind in the midst of it all. First, Doug Hasty, founder of Unique Performance was sued by Carroll Shelby for VIN washing and using unacceptable parts to build Eleanor. Now this. It is very upsetting to Eleanor fans all across the globe.

Among this disappointing news, I have contacted Jason Engel via Classic Recreation's new website. Unfortunately, his words are confidential to only me and him, but I will tell you Classic Recreations won't be touching another Eleanor for a long time. This is a major disappointment to all fans. 

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